Searching for a specialist in OT security, we were referred to Spinae. We immediately felt that they know a lot about cybersecurity and about Industrial Control Systems, and that is exactly the mix we needed.

Process industry

Spinae has the required expertise and capability to guide us in our cybersecurity journey. They are capable of explaining in understandable terms, what the real risks and needs are for our manufacturing environment. They helped us create a structural and maintainable multi-year action plan.

EMEA – 10k employees (undisclosed)

We prefer to stay anonymous. We gave Spinae the mandate to break into our systems and show what a real cyber attack could potentially do. And they delivered! Our CEO hesitated to leave on holiday because of all the discovered security problems. Spinae helped us to prioritize the actions to resolve these and become more secure. The Spinae Complete Security MRI was a real eye-opener.

Steel sector

Spinae played an important role in the evolution of our network. They assisted us in the analysis, design and eventual implementation of the necessary adjustments. Spinae has both the required know-how and the right professional attitude to bring a project to a successful conclusion.

Undisclosed Midsized Bank

Spinae helps us to guard the internal information security in a continuously evolving context. Their knowledge and expertise helps us to further improve our portfolio of products and services. With their specialized technical skills, they help us in areas we are not familiar in (for instance because they are not very common among our customers).

IT Services

The combination of network expertise, system administration, IT infrastructure knowledge and their cybersecurity specialization makes Spinae a very interesting party to work with. They don’t just look at the present, but always take the future into account.


Spinae was able to quickly create a picture of our ICT environment and the possible gaps in it. Thanks to their extensive knowledge, they were able to translate these very well and make them relevant for us. As a result, they gave us tailor-made advice on how we could take the next steps to achieve a more efficient and secure environment. Thanks to this flexibility, combined with a great deal of expertise and integrity, we are extremely satisfied with our cooperation.


Spinae understood our wishes and realized what we needed as a starting SME. All this within the agreed time and budget. The aftercare and follow-up ensures that we can concentrate on our job.

TK Architecten

As SaaS-provider in the financial sector, we are obliged to value security. Spinae has helped us pinpoint flaws to further improve our product and service. They have the ability to explain difficult concepts in language everyone can understand.

Financial Services

In Spinae we found a partner who understands our business and can translate the high-level concepts of the ISO27001 international norm into actionable items. We are pleased they guided us towards compliance.