Security Incident Response Tabletop Exercise

When an information security incident occurs within an organization, it is important to act fast and efficiently. A Security Incident Response Plan (SIRP) is important and helps handling and solving these incidents. Making a SIRP is step 1. Step 2 is testing how efficient you SIRP is. Spinae helps you with this.

Tabletop Exercise

We offer a service called “Tabletop Exercise” (TTX). In a Tabletop Exercise, we simulate an information security incident that puts your SIRP to the test. In preparation of the TTX, we think of an incident that can occur within your organization and make a realistic scenario.

During the TTX, we generate tickets/complaints/events/symptoms to give hints towards what is actually happening. It is your task to have your team solve the tickets following your SIRP, during which Spinae analyses your response. After the Tabletop Exercise, we make a report with recommendations to upscale the effectiveness of your SIRP.


Do you want more information about SIRP? Check our blogpost, for a detailed explanation on what a SIRP is and why it is crucial for your organization. 

Are you interested in testing how your team would handle a real information security incident? Contact us for more information.