OT Network Design Assistance

Long before IT and OT started converging, security in OT networks was considered ‘not important’. They were isolated (air gapped) from IT networks so security didn’t matter to them. However, as a result of Industry 4.0, IT and OT networks are connected now more than ever. For example, vendors want remote access to their systems to try and fix problems before sending out a technician. Because your OT network is not air gapped anymore, the importance of OT network design and security is greater than ever before.

OT Network Design

Due to the the extremely high uptime/availability requirements of OT environments, many devices run end-of-life operating systems and software. Usually, the old hardware doesn’t have the resources to run modern anti-malware either. 

For this reason, OT security starts on the network level, through the use of network segmentation and virtual patching. 

Virtual patching means blocking traffic attempting to exploit a known vulnerability. This way, the exploit is blocked before it reaches the vulnerable device. 

Spinae assists you with your OT network design using segmentation, virtual patching, firewalls etc… Together we make your industrial network more secure.