IT Incident Response

There is one fact that is true for everyone: a security incident will happen. No matter how good your defenses are or how much you spend on security. An incident will take place at some point in time. What you can control is the impact it has on your business. By creating a proper incident response plan, the impact can be significantly reduced. Spinae can help you with the creation of such a plan.


Having an incident response plan ready is crucial to the impact of an incident. Without incident response plan, the impact on your business will be much higher than when you have a plan ready.

At Spinae, we know how important this is, therefore we can help you create and plan an incident response plan. We guide you through the process and make sure you know what to do in case of an incident.

Having an incident response plan ready for when an incident occurs is crucial. But having a plan without knowing how to execute it, or having the expertise to execute it, loses its usefulness.

Let Spinae guide you through table-top incident response execution exercises, so you are ready at any time for when an incident occurs.