IT Forensic Analysis

Forensic science, a term used in criminal and legal cases. In the past this was purely scientific. In modern cases, digital forensics is on the rise, these forensic techniques are used for retrieving evidence from computers. These techniques include identification of information, preservation, recovery, and investigation in line with digital forensic standards.

Digital Forensics

With our Digital Forensics service we help you with many different security incidents. Have you been hacked? Do you suspect a data breach has taken place? Or are there indicators of corporate espionage? 

Spinae can help you with all of those and many more incidents. We investigate how this breach/incident happened and collect evidence that can be used in court. 

Your data is of utmost importance to you and your organization. Accidental deletion or system crashes? If all seems lost then using our digital forensics techniques, we may be able to restore some or in some cases all of your data.

There’s never a guarantee that all of your data will be recovered, but everything that you can recover is data that you didn’t lose. It is certainly worth a try. 

Data Recovery